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Visiting Post Baccalaureates

Students with this standing at Rice have an undergraduate or graduate degree from an accredited college or university and are taking courses at Rice for credit but not in a specific degree program. Students interested in taking courses not for credit should audit the courses. (See Auditors.)

Applicants must have a 3.00 (B) or better grade average in the previous undergraduate or graduate program. Registration requires the permission of the course instructor or department chair and approval by the dean of graduate and postdoctoral studies. Visiting Post Baccalaureates must register for at least three hours and cannot take courses on a pass/fail basis. Visiting Post Baccalaureates must receive at least a B for all classes taken or they will not be allowed to remain in the program.

Students may not use courses taken under this arrangement to fulfill the requirements for a Rice degree unless and until they have been accepted into a degree program by an academic department.  Former Visiting Post Baccalaureate students may request that their department allow up to three courses taken as Visiting Post Baccalaureates to count toward their graduate degree. Once approved by the department, the student must also obtain the approval of the dean of graduate and postdoctoral studies.

Applications for Visiting Post Baccalaureate Program

Applications are available from the Office of the Registrar External Link upon request. Official transcripts from all colleges and universities the student has attended should be mailed directly by the institutions to the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Students who were previously Visiting Post Baccalaureates must complete a new application (without transcripts) for each such semester. All application materials are due by the workday nearest to July 15 for fall semester courses and November 15 for spring semester courses. No late applications are accepted.

Individuals applying as Visiting Post Baccalaureates for the summer term should apply to enroll in Rice's Summer Sessions.

Tuition and Fees for Visiting Post Baccalaureate Program

Tuition and fee information can be found on the Cashier's Website. If a class fills with degree students, instructors may drop Visiting Post Baccalaureates up to the end of the second week of class. In that case, the tuition (less the nonrefundable application fee) will be refunded. If a Visiting Post Baccalaureate withdraws, drops, or adds classes, the same rules regarding grades, refunds, and applicable fees apply as for degree seeking graduate students. There is no refund for dropping a class after the second week, as long as the student stays enrolled in at least one other class. Pro-rated refunds for withdrawals are according to the deadlines listed on the academic calendar. Please visit the Summer Sessions for Visiting Students page for information pertaining to summer sessions.

Please note that financial assistance is not available for Visiting Post Baccalaureate students. 

Last Revised : August 23, 2016