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The General Announcements (GA) is the official Rice curriculum. In the event that there is a discrepancy between the GA and any other websites or publications, the GA shall prevail as the authoritative source.

*Students accepted into PhD program only; MA or MS may be earned by students as they work towards PhD.
**No applications being accepted at this time.
School Department or Program UG
ArchitectureArchitectureBArch, BA-MArch, MA, MAUD**, DArch**
BusinessBusiness-MinorMBA, MAcc, MA*, PhD
Continuing StudiesLiberal Studies--MLS
Continuing StudiesTeacher EducationCertificate-MAT
EngineeringBioengineeringBSBE-MBE, MS*, PhD
EngineeringChemical and Biomolecular EngineeringBSChE, BA-MChE, MS*, PhD
EngineeringCivil and Environmental EngineeringBSCE, BA-MCEE, MS, PhD
EngineeringComputational and Applied MathematicsBAMinorMCAM, MA, PhD
EngineeringComputational Science and Engineering--MCSE, MA*, PhD
EngineeringComputer ScienceBSCS, BA-MCS, MS, PhD
EngineeringElectrical and Computer EngineeringBSEE, BA-MEE, MS*, PhD
EngineeringEnergy and Water Sustainability-Minor-
EngineeringEngineering LeadershipCertificate
EngineeringMaterials Science and NanoEngineeringBA, BSMSNE-MMSNE, MS, PhD
EngineeringMechanical EngineeringBSME, BA-MME, MS, PhD
EngineeringStatisticsBAMinorMStat, MA*, PhD
HumanitiesAfrican Studies-Minor-
HumanitiesAncient Mediterranean CivilizationsBA--
HumanitiesArt HistoryBA-MA*, PhD
HumanitiesAsian StudiesBA--
HumanitiesCenter for Languages and Intercultural Communication---
HumanitiesClassical and European StudiesBA--
HumanitiesEnglishBA-MA*, PhD
HumanitiesHistoryBA-MA*, PhD
HumanitiesHumanities Research Center---
HumanitiesJewish Studies-Minor-
HumanitiesLatin American StudiesBA--
HumanitiesMedieval and Early Modern StudiesBA--
HumanitiesPhilosophyBA-MA*, PhD
HumanitiesReligionBA-MA*, PhD
HumanitiesSpanish, Portuguese and Latin American StudiesBA-MA*
HumanitiesStudy of Women, Gender and SexualityBA-Certificate
HumanitiesVisual and Dramatic ArtsBA--
MusicMusicBMus, BA-MMus, Artist Diploma, DMA
Natural SciencesBioscience and Health Policy--MSBHP
Natural SciencesBioSciencesBS, BAMinorMS*, MA, PhD
Natural SciencesChemical PhysicsBS--
Natural SciencesChemistryBA, BS-MA, PhD
Natural SciencesEarth ScienceBS, BA-MS, PhD
Natural SciencesEnvironmental Analysis and Decision Making--MSEADM
Natural SciencesKinesiologyBA--
Natural SciencesMathematicsBA, BSMinorMA*, PhD
Natural SciencesNanoscale Physics--MSNP
Natural SciencesPhysics and AstronomyBS, BA-MST, MS*, PhD
Natural SciencesSpace Studies--MSSpS
Natural SciencesSubsurface Geoscience--MSSG
Other/InterdisciplinaryAir Force Science---
Other/InterdisciplinaryApplied Physics--MS*, PhD
Other/InterdisciplinaryCivic LeadershipCertificate--
Other/InterdisciplinaryCollege Courses---
Other/InterdisciplinaryEnvironmental StudiesBAMinor-
Other/InterdisciplinaryFinancial Computation and Modeling-Minor-
Other/InterdisciplinaryGlobal Health Technologies-Minor-
Other/InterdisciplinaryLifetime Physical Activity Program---
Other/InterdisciplinaryMilitary Science---
Other/InterdisciplinaryNaval Science-Minor-
Other/InterdisciplinaryPolitics, Law and Social Thought-Minor-
Other/InterdisciplinaryPoverty, Justice and Human Capabilities-Minor-
Other/InterdisciplinaryProgram in Writing and Communication---
Other/InterdisciplinarySystems, Synthetic and Physical Biology--MS*, PhD
Other/InterdisciplinaryTeaching and Learning--Certificate
Other/InterdisciplinaryUniversity Courses---
Social SciencesAnthropologyBAMinorMA*, PhD
Social SciencesCognitive SciencesBA--
Social SciencesEconomicsBA-MEEcon, MA*, PhD
Social SciencesGlobal Affairs--MAGA
Social SciencesLinguisticsBA-MA**, PhD**
Social SciencesManagerial StudiesBA--
Social SciencesNeuroscience-Minor-
Social SciencesPolicy StudiesBA--
Social SciencesPolitical ScienceBA-MA*, PhD
Social SciencesPsychologyBA-MA*, PhD
Social SciencesSociologyBAMinorMA*, PhD
Social SciencesSport ManagementBA--

*Students accepted into PhD program only; MA or MS may be earned by students as they work towards PhD.
**No applications being accepted at this time.