Syllabus Standards

Faculty members and course instructors are required to provide a course syllabus to students on or before the first day of class. The syllabus should be uploaded into ESTHER, and may additionally be distributed in hard copy and/or on Canvas. For archiving purposes, updated versions of the course syllabus can be uploaded into ESTHER through the end of the semester. Each syllabus must include the following instructions:   

  1. Instructor’s name, office number, and email address.    
  2. Office hours or a statement of either an “open-door” policy or hours by appointment.   
  3. Overall course objectives and expected learning outcomes.   
  4. Grade policies.   
  5. Absence policies.   
  6. List of required texts.   
  7. Special materials required for the class, if any.   
  8. Number of required examinations and papers.   
  9. Statement of expectations regarding coursework and the Rice Honor Code.  
  10. A statement encouraging any student with a disability that requires accommodation to contact both the course instructor and Disability Resource Center.
  11. It is permissible to include a statement indicating that the information contained in the course syllabus, other than the absence policies, may be subject to change with reasonable advance notice, as deemed appropriate by the instructor.

The Center for Teaching Excellence provides a syllabus outline that aids in meeting the above requirements.