Engineering Leadership

Engineering Leadership
Abercrombie Lab

C. Fred Higgs, III
Faculty Director

Kaz Karwowski
Executive Director

The mission of the Rice Center for Engineering Leadership (RCEL) is to educate and develop Rice Engineers to become inspiring leaders, exceptional team members, effective communicators, and bold entrepreneurs. RCEL programming enhances traditional undergraduate education by developing skills that are not expressly covered by the traditional curricula from the School of Engineering. Ultimately, the goal of the Certificate in Engineering Leadership is to equip engineering students with the critical technical, communication, and leadership skills necessary to succeed and excel professionally.   

The Certificate in Engineering Leadership is designed to familiarize undergraduate students with key leadership concepts and allow them to practice the skills necessary to function effectively in a variety of leadership roles: research, academia, executive management, policy-making, and entrepreneurship. Through coursework, extracurricular activities, internship support, and community events, the Certificate in Engineering Leadership lays a foundation for leadership advancement within 3-5 years of graduation. RCEL programming covers a range of important competency domains, including such topics as creative problem solving, conflict resolution, developing self-awareness, setting goals, project management, oral/written communication, and teamwork. 

Engineering Leadership does not currently offer an academic program at the graduate level.

Faculty Director

C. Fred Higgs, III, John and Ann Doerr Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Executive Director

Kazimir Karwowski


David Van Kleeck


Jan Hewitt
Kazimir Karwowski
Beata Krupa
Gayle Moran
Beth O'Sullivan
Tina Peterson
Tom Phalen
Germaine Porche
Chuck Roberts
Cesare Wright

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