Environmental Analysis and Decision Making

Environmental Analysis and Decision Making
203 Keck Hall

Dagmar Beck
Program Director

Janet Braam
Faculty Director

Rice University introduced the Master of Science in Environmental Analysis and Decision Making (MSEADM) degree in fall 2002. This professional master's degree teaches students rigorous methods that are needed by business and governmental organizations to deal with environmental issues. As an interdisciplinary program, it aims to give students the ability to predict environmental problems, not just solve them. It emphasizes core quantitative topics such as statistics, remote sensing, data analysis, and modeling. In addition, it teaches laboratory and computer skills and allows students to focus their education by taking electives in relevant fields.

The degree in Environmental Analysis and Decision Making is 1 of 5 tracks in the professional master’s (PSM) program at Rice University housed in the Wiess School of Natural Sciences. These master’s degrees are designed for students seeking to gain further scientific core expertise coupled with enhanced management and communications skills. These degrees instill a level of scholastic proficiency that exceeds that of the bachelor’s level, and they create the cross-functional aptitudes needed in modern industry. Skills acquired in this program will allow students to move more easily into management careers in consulting or research and development, design, and marketing of new science-based products.

A coordinated MBA/MSEADM degree is offered in conjunction with the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business.

Environmental Analysis and Decision Making does not currently offer an academic program at the undergraduate level.


Evan Siemann

Track Advising Committee

Daniel Cohan
Scott Egan
Michael Kohn
Loren Raun


Pedro Alvarez
Andrew R. Barron
Phil Bedient
Dale Sawyer

Associate Professors

Daniel Cohan

Professor in the Practice

Jim Blackburn
Loren Raun

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