Undergraduate - Graduate Concurrent Enrollment

Advanced Rice undergraduate students may be accepted into a Rice graduate program prior to receiving their undergraduate degree. Their formal graduate program enrollment is deferred until after the bachelor’s degree has been awarded, at which time the students will complete a minimum of one semester of residency as a Rice graduate student. With certain stipulations, undergraduate students may begin work on their graduate degree at Rice prior to completing all degree requirements for their bachelor’s degree. Please note: If a student were to have a change of plans and withdraw from the graduate degree program before completing the bachelor's degree, those courses taken toward the graduate degree program would be returned to the undergraduate record. 

While concurrently enrolled in a graduate program, each semester Rice undergraduates are required to maintain enrollment in no fewer than 12 credit hours of study to count toward the undergraduate degree and may be enrolled in no more than six hours of study to count toward the graduate degree. By default, all courses in which the undergraduate students are enrolled count toward the undergraduate degree, regardless of the course number. Rice undergraduates concurrently enrolled in a graduate program must submit a Undergraduate Student in Graduate Degree Program Special Registration Request Form as part of the registration process each semester to designate courses that will count toward the graduate degree. Students submit the completed form to the Office of the Registrar once registration is open, but no later than the Friday of the second week of courses for each term.

Please note that seeking a graduate degree while still a Rice undergraduate may have financial aid implications. Undergraduate students applying for graduate programs should consult with the Office of Financial Aid prior to accepting an offer of admission. Any undergraduate students enrolled in a graduate degree program will not be eligible to request a continuance of their federal financial aid beyond their eighth semester of study at Rice. Furthermore, students will not be eligible for any undergraduate financial aid after the completion of their undergraduate degree requirements. Once the undergraduate degree is conferred, students that have been concurrently enrolled will be classified as a graduate student. Students are only eligible for graduate loans if classified as a graduate student. Students are not classified as graduate students until they have successfully completed their undergraduate degree program.