Rice Learners

Non-Credit Educational Opportunities at Rice

Rice University offers a number of opportunities for persons, or learners, to access various educational programs and materials. While not degree-granting, many of these programs or courses lead to non-credit certificates, continuing education credits, and other rewarding professional development opportunities.

Continuing Studies (at the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies)

The Glasscock School of Continuing Studies offers hundreds of non-credit course offerings throughout the year in a variety of areas of study. Choose from coursework focusing on non-credit preK-12 education, philanthropy, professional studies, arts and design, humanities and social sciences, science, technology and health, foreign languages and much more. In addition, the Glasscock School offers several for-credit academic programs.

For additional information, please see the Glasscock School's website:

Executive Education (at the Jones Graduate School of Business)

The Jones Graduate School of Business offers open enrollment, customized, and specialty non-credit programs to help learners and their organizations to take charge of their personal and professional development. These executive education programs and courses are deliberately designed to maximize learning and transfer of knowledge by incorporating assessments, lecture, case studies, group activity, simulations, and coaching. All are taught by world-class business school faculty who are prolific researchers in their areas of expertise, and have won numerous prestigious teaching awards. Additionally, executive education faculty leverage their consulting experience and the professional experience of classroom participants to co-create a rich learning environment.

For additional information, please see the Jones School's website:

Rice Online Learning

Rice Online Learning develops innovative non-credit and for-credit courseware to improve educational and professional outcomes for learners of all ages, around the world. Rice Online Learning is dedicated to providing broad access to top quality Rice University education while enhancing the curriculum and student experience on the Rice campus, and is committed to advancing the research frontiers in technology for education. Rice Online Learning's objectives are organized by around three goals:

  1. Improve the quality of education at Rice University
  2. Expand Rice University’s reach and reputation
  3. Generate resources to support Rice University’s core mission

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