Regulations and Procedures for Non-Thesis Master's Graduate Degrees

University Graduation Requirements for Non-Thesis Master's Degrees

Students also may pursue a non-thesis master's degree in certain departments. This degree would be based on alternative departmental requirements and would include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • A minimum of 30 graduate semester credit hours of coursework taken at the 500-level or above.
  • A minimum of 24 credit hours must be taken at Rice University.
  • A minimum overall GPA of 2.67.*
  • A minimum GPA of 2.67 in required coursework.*
  • A minimum residency enrollment of one fall or spring semester of part-time graduate study at Rice University. Some graduate programs may require full-time residency or additional semesters of residency.
  • All courses taken must be in the relevant field.

*Note: Departments or programs can identify and define stricter standards than the minimum GPA in their General Announcements Requirements tab.  

Time to Degree

All master’s students are required to complete their program within five years of initial enrollment. This time boundaries includes any period in which the student was not enrolled or enrolled part time, for whatever reason. Failure to meet any university time to degree deadline may result in the student not being able to continue in their degree program.

Other Requirements

There are other additional requirements, regulations and procedures for all graduate programs. They are found under Graduate Students > Academic Policies and Procedures > All Graduate Students, or can be accessed directly here.