Non-Traditional Coursework

Courses tailored for individual students provide a valuable opportunity for them to pursue an academic or professional interest under the supervision of a Rice faculty member. Such courses are typically titled as independent study or research, directed reading, internships, or are described as a teaching experience. Although the organization of these courses is quite variable, they are subject to the same basic requirements as other course offerings. In particular:

  • The subject matter and intellectual level of the course must be appropriate for Rice.
  • The instructor of record must hold a regular faculty appointment at Rice. This instructor is responsible for submitting the final grade, in consultation with the student's immediate supervisor, if appropriate.
  • The course must have a written syllabus that meets published Rice Syllabus Standards. In addition, the syllabus must include a description of anticipated activities and topical content.
  • Credit hours assigned are subject to the same amount-of-work considerations as other courses. Credit hours will be awarded in accordance with the Rice credit hour guidelines and fixed at the time of registration.
  • All Academic Calendar (or Registrar) deadlines for registration, add/drop, completion of coursework, and grade submission must be met.