Posthumous Degrees

A posthumous degree is an official Rice University degree that is awarded or conferred to a deceased student in recognition of the student’s academic achievement. The criteria for the awarding of the degree are established below in order to uphold both academic and institutional integrity.

The awarding of a posthumous degree for an undergraduate student who died before completing degree requirements may be considered if the following conditions are met at the time of death:

  1. The student was officially enrolled at Rice University, or was on an official leave of absence at the time of their death for a period of less than three years; and
  2. The student was not on any type of suspension from the university; and
  3. The student was in good academic standing; and
  4. The student had completed approximately 75% of the requirements for the degree and was reasonably expected to complete the requirements of the degree program within two additional semesters of enrollment.