Liu Idea Lab for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Lilie) 130 Cambridge Office Building

Yael Hochberg
Program Director

Hesam Panahi
Minor Advisor

Micaela McGlone
Senior Associate Director

The Entrepreneurship minor provides Rice students with a pathway to pursue rigorous and interdisciplinary study in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, enabling students to understand the theory and frameworks behind different disciplinary aspects of entrepreneurship and how to apply these theories to develop and scale innovative solutions to societal problems.

At the heart of the Entrepreneurship minor is the entrepreneurial process and mindset. This structured process has its origins in decades of research exploring the process for commercialization of new technologies and the launching of new ventures. The process includes identifying an unmet user and customer need, articulating a value proposition, developing a strategy to bring new concepts to market, designing a sustainable business model, assessing market traction, communicating a vision to key stakeholders, and building and managing appropriate teams. The process involves the mastery of theory-driven frameworks, tools and competencies, and, as in engineering and the sciences, the practical application of these theories.

As a joint offering with the George R. Brown School of Engineering, the Entrepreneurship minor is an interdisciplinary course of study drawing on multiple disciplines, with oversight from the Jones Graduate School of Business. The campus-wide, multi-disciplinary Liu Idea Lab for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Lilie), serves as a home for the minor. Working out of Lilie, students will demonstrate their mastery in a final capstone project to be completed in the final year of study.

Entrepreneurship does not currently offer an academic program at the graduate level.

Program Director

Yael Hochberg

Senior Associate Director

Micaela McGlone

Advisory Committee

Yael Hochberg
Hesam Panahi
Moshe Vardi

Affiliated Faculty

Jim Cohen, Entrepreneurship
Yael Hochberg, Finance
Yelena Ioffe, Entrepreneurship
Kyle Judah, Entrepreneurship
Elizabeth O'Sullivan, Communication
Hesam Panahi, Entrepreneurship
Mark Poag, Entrepreneurship
Angela Randall, Entrepreneurship
Douglas A. Schuler, Entrepreneurship and Public Policy
Danielle Supkis Cheek, Accounting

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