Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations

Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations
116 Humanities Building

Michael Maas
Program Director

This interdisciplinary major in the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome, Judaism, early Christianity, and early Islam, as well as their antecedents, explores these traditions both for their intrinsic interest and for the contributions each has made to contemporary Western society. Our combined focus on ancient cultural history in its broadest sense and on perspectives offered by cultural criticism enables students to examine the beginnings of the civilization in which they now participate.

Courses for this major address common questions about the transmission and transformation of cultures in the ancient Mediterranean world. Students examine sources, such as texts and artifacts that illuminate the process. They study how shifting cultural centers and frontiers in this world are delineated, and they explore the general integration and disintegration of specific ancient cultures. This major also offers opportunities for archaeological fieldwork and study abroad.

Rice is a sponsor of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, the American School of Oriental Research, the American Research Center in Sofia, and the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome. Students majoring in Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations are encouraged to study in these programs as well as in the College Year in Athens program.

Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations does not currently offer an academic program at the graduate level. 

Director and Advisor

Michael Maas


April DeConick
James D. Faubion
Matthias Henze
Michael Maas
Scott McGill
Susan Keech McIntosh
Donald Ray Morrison
Paula Sanders
Charles Siewert
Harvey E. Yunis

Associate Professors

David Cook
Jeff Fleisher
Hilary S. Mackie

Assistant Professors

Niki Clements 
John Hopkins
Maya Irish


Ted Somerville

Postdoctoral Fellow

Sarah Rous

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Ancient Mediterranean Civil (AMCI)



Department: Ancient Mediterranean Civil

Grade Mode: Standard Letter

Course Type: Research

Credit Hours: 3

Restrictions: Graduate level students may not enroll.

Course Level: Undergraduate Upper-Level

Description: In this two semester course an AMC student will write an honors thesis under the direction of an AMC faculty member. Instructor Permission Required. Repeatable for Credit.

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  • Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations: AMCI

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  • Bachelor of Arts degree: BA

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  • Major in Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations: AMCI