Museums and Cultural Heritage

Museums and Cultural Heritage
306 Herring Hall

Kerry R. Ward
Program Director

Museums and Cultural Heritage incorporates the fields of architecture, anthropology, art, history, and cultural studies to study the identification, preservation, and/or representation of art and heritage materials. Such materials often serve as the evidentiary basis for humanistic, architectural, and social science disciplines.

Students in the minor will learn about the preservation and use of tangible and intangible cultural heritage for study, archival purposes, and public display through the study of museums and cultural heritage institutions, new digital analysis tools and media, and traditional methods of preservation and analysis.

The Museums and Cultural Heritage minor is housed in the Humanities Research Center.

Museums and Cultural Heritage does not currently offer an academic program at the graduate level. 

Director and Advisor

Kerry R. Ward


Farès el-Dahdah
Susan Keech McIntosh
Diane Wolfthal

Associate Professors

Jeffrey B. Fleisher
Reto Geiser
Fabiola López-Durán
Linda E. Neagley
Kerry R. Ward

Professor in the Practice

Melissa Bailar


John Mulligan

Steering Committee

Melissa Bailar
Farès el-Dahdah
Jeffrey B. Fleisher
Reto Geiser
Susan Keech McIntosh
Lisa Spiro
Kerry R. Ward

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  •  Museums and Cultural Heritage: MUCH

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  • Minor in Museums and Cultural Heritage: MUCH

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  • MUCH Minor: CIP Code/Title: 30.1401 - Museology/Museum Studies