Sport Analytics

Sport Analytics
2nd Floor, Tudor Fieldhouse

Clark D. Haptonstall
Program Director

Sport Analytics is an interdepartmental program designed to assist undergraduate students in developing strong data analysis and analytical thinking skills to address important questions both on the team/player performance side and the business/revenue generation side of the sport industry. The curriculum provides students rigorous training in areas such as data science, computer science, statistics, and sport management. The interdisciplinary studies will allow students to build solid theoretical foundations in sport management as well as strong data analysis skills. 

The Sport Analytics major highly values the importance of experiential learning. Students have opportunities to work with mentors from professional sport teams, college teams, and other industry professionals on problem sets that are critical to sport organizations.
The department of Statistics, the Data to Knowledge (D2K) Lab, and the department of Sport Management oversee this major.

Sport Analytics does not currently offer an academic program at the graduate level.

Program Director

Clark D. Haptonstall, Sport Management


Rudy Guerra, Statistics
David B. Johnson, Computer Science
Scott Rixner, Computer Science

Assistant Professors

Akane Sono, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Hua Gong, Sport Management

Associate Teaching Professor

Stephen Wang, Mathematics



Assistant Teaching Professors

Su Chen, D2K Lab
Risa Myers, Computer Science
Rebecca Smith, Computer Science

Professors in the Practice

Diane Crossey, Sport Management
Clark D. Haptonstall, Sport Management
Tom Stallings, Sport Management


Roberto Bertolusso, Statistics
Jamey Rootes, Sport Management


Nickolas Castro, Mathematics
Hongdi Huang, Mathematics
William Worden, Mathematics

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  •  SPCS Major/Program: CIP Code/Title: 30.7199 - Data Analytics, Other