Science Teaching

Science Teaching
224 Herman Brown Hall

Patricia Reiff
Program Director

The Master of Science Teaching (MST) degree is a content-based, non-thesis, advanced degree primarily directed towards inservice middle school, IPC (Integrated Physics and Chemistry), Physics, or Astronomy high school teachers and other Education and Public Outreach (EPO) professionals. The goal of the program is to provide content and skills to inservice and preservice K-12 and informal educators, so that they will become proficient in, and able to teach, all the Planetary, Astronomy, and Space Science topics included in the Next Generation Science Standards and the State of Texas science standards.     

The teachers who finish the program are encouraged to become master teachers in their school district, multiplying the impact of the program manifold by giving workshops and other inservice programs to other teachers, both in-state and across the country. 

Science Teaching does not currently offer an academic program at the undergraduate level.


Patricia H. Reiff

Application Review Committee

David Alexander
B. Paul Padley
Patricia H. Reiff

Advisory Council

David Alexander
Robert F. Curl, Jr. (Professor Emeritus)
Jason H. Hafner
Neal F. Lane (Professor Emeritus)
Linda M. McNeil
Carolyn A. Nichol
Anne Papakonstantinou
B. Paul Padley
Patricia H. Reiff
Carolyn Sumners

Educational Professionals

Matthew Cushing
Carolyn Nichol
Anne Papakonstantinou
Richard Parr
Judy Radigan 
Patricia H. Reiff
Carolyn Sumners

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Description and Code Legend 

Note: Internally, the university uses the following descriptions, codes, and abbreviations for this academic program. The following is a quick reference: 

Course Catalog/Schedule 

  • Course offerings/subject codes: Courses from various subjects may apply toward the graduate degree.

Department Description and Code

  • Physics and Astronomy: PHYS

Graduate Degree Description and Code

  • Master of Science Teaching degree: MST

Graduate Degree Program Description and Code

  • Degree Program in Science Teaching: STEA 

CIP Code and Description1

  • STEA Major/Program: CIP Code/Title: 13.1316 - Science Teacher Education/General Science Teacher Education